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Home Connect is ready to improve your everyday life – think of it as a daily companion in your pocket. You can use the Home Connect app to control your washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, fridge, coffee machine, and vacuum cleaner at the touch of a button – even when you’re out and about. You can also connect the app to Home Connect partners like IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant and benefit from even more features that were designed to serve your needs.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)Whether you’d like to wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning, get recommendations for recipes, or save time by turning on your washing machine while you’re on the way home, Home Connect can take care of all these household tasks for you.

The Home Connect app has already been introduced in 40 countries and is available in 25 languages and counting.

Home Connect is all about you.

Home Connect is a digital platform for home appliances from different brands. So far, with the services of about 40 partners, a strong ecosystem has grown in 40 countries.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)Our ecosystem of partners is constantly expanding and offers additional features for connected kitchens to consumers worldwide. Home Connect is all about your needs and offers a key advantage: Throughout the product lifecycle, we’re constantly adding new digital functions and features to connected appliances.

Experience Home Connect.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)The daily companion in your pocket: Time savings and a tangible experience of more ease and comfort – that’s what the redesigned Home Connect app is all about. In addition to a more user-friendly navigation, a more attractive design, and more functionalities, the joy of discovery is also awakened: Many new features go far beyond simple appliance control and inspire you with ideas and practical tips around your connected household. The promise of personal comfort is realized by many digital assistance functions – one of them being “What’s for dinner?” Want a delicious dinner, but there’s no time to plan? "What's for dinner?" provides you the best suggestion based on previous selections you make using swiping movements. It might sound simple, but what you get with “What’s for dinner?” is nothing short of a sophisticated algorithm that works better the more information you feed it.

Home Connect simplifies your use of appliances.

Home Connect simplifies the use of home appliances by allowing those with a busy schedule to change the fridge’s energy-efficiency mode and to find out remotely if the oven is turned off – among many other functions. In the event of a malfunction, and with the consumers’ consent, our customer service can scan the connected home appliance remotely. If necessary, they can even install software updates, resulting in fewer on-site appointments with service technicians.

Home Connect has already established itself as an open, innovation-driven platform that offers an ever-expanding partner network providing a variety of exciting solutions and services in the areas of the smart home, energy management, shopping and ordering, food and recipes, and voice control, adding more convenience to your life.

Home Connect Plus becomes an extended smart home platform for all.

Home Connect extends its offer to the entire home and thus goes far beyond the area of the connected kitchen. Under the name Home Connect Plus, this extended platform integrates all connected devices and services in the consumer's home. Areas like security, lighting and shutter control, heating, and household tasks and entertainment needs will be integrated into one platform. Handling your home from a single point will be a completely new experience of service and personalized comfort. All applications can be controlled centrally and are perfectly matched to the user’s wishes. Over time, the platform gets to know the user's needs better and better and intelligently adjusts to routines or makes suggestions for improvement.

Home Connect Plus will make its users’ everyday lives at home significantly easier.

With the new Home Connect Plus solution, routine tasks can be defined quickly and securely. Thanks to the intelligent system, users can configure any desired process in a single action, from lighting control and room thermostats to home appliances. Artificial intelligence will support these demand-oriented settings in the future. In a future development stage, more services will be integrated: for example, in the areas of assisted living and energy management.

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