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Service brands

Digital business models – for more fun in the kitchen.

With its service brands, BSH offers consumers digital services that exploit the potential of connected home appliances and offer benefits to improve their daily lives.

Kitchen Stories - anyone can cook.

Karsten Ottenberg Karsten Ottenberg, CEO BSH, cooks together with the Kitchen Stories founders Mengting Gao and Verena Hubertz (l.t.r.)

Cooking should be easy and an experience. That’s the whole reason why BSH develops smart products and related services. And that’s also the reason why Founders Mengting Gao and Verena Hubertz created the global recipe platform and app “Kitchen Stories” in fall 2013 with the apt slogan “Anyone can Cook”.

Two thirds of their more than 1,400 recipes are video-based and support consumers with step-by-step instructions to follow when cooking them. All of the superbly presented recipes are produced and tested in-house so that consumers are offered a consistently high standard of quality and inspiration. Kitchen Stories also offers a selection of community recipes and connects amateur chefs all over the world.

Founders of Kitchen storys Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao and (l.t.r.) founded Kitchen Stories

Since BSH and Kitchen Stories share a common vision of the connected kitchen, BSH acquired around 65 percent of the shares in Kitchen Stories in November 2017. The remaining shares are held by the two founders. Kitchen Stories continues to be run as an independent subsidiary in Berlin, Germany.

Kitchen Stories supports the Hardware+strategy of BSH as a service brand in the digital BSH ecosystem and is intended in particular to act as a cross-brand umbrella brand for BSH globally. Work is continuing jointly on the gradual integration and connection of the Kitchen Stories app into the Home Connectecosystem and on other functions in this context, such as control of home appliances via the app.

Experience the recipe world of Kitchen Stories

Ten Questions for BSH and Kitchen Stories

Simply Yummy.

Simply Yummy
In mid-2015, Bosch launched the content marketing platform Simply Yummy in Germany as a pioneer in its industry. The aim was to get younger people, in particular, with an affinity for cooking and baking enthusiastic about the Bosch brand and its home appliances on a lasting basis. Since then, the attractive recipe world, with clips and photos that are communicated via app, blog, magazine and in the social media, on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, has become a great success: Every day, Simply Yummy reaches several thousand hobby bakers with its how-to videos and step-by-step instructions.
Simply Yummy Smartphone

Simply Yummy not only addresses new baking trends like healthy baking or vegan baking, but also puts an inspiring new twist on traditional recipes. Numerous current tips and tricks, as well as valuable information all about baking, make for successful infotainment. Simply Yummy also allows users to send recipe settings directly to their Home Connect oven – and as the world’s first app even activate ‚PerfectBake‘ via Home Connect. Simply Yummy has also been supported since the end of 2017 by YouTube baking queen Sally, boasting 1.4 million subscribers.

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