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PC老群,(QQPC28老群)At BSH we know that digitalization is not just about technology.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)It will continue to reshape the way we live and work. Think, prototype, build. That’s how we explore innovative technologies from voice recognition, robotics to sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)The transformation has just begun. We are ready for it. Join us now and give your career a home.

Get some first Hand insights from our colleagues Yasin, Yvonne, Anna and Marco who are working in the digital field.

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Find some interesting stories about some of our "Digital Transfomers" and many more insights around digital topics.


Get to know our colleague Anil, the first data scientist in our supply chain organization.

Parental Leave

Anne has been working at BSH for over five years when she was offered to lead a digital strategy department within Global Digital Transition (GDT) – right in the middle of her parental leave. We talked to Anne about her promotion and how it came about.


PC老群,(QQPC28老群)Michael, publisher of the food tech news portal “The Spoon,” answered some interview questions on the future of cooking and trends in the home appliance industry.

My digital day

Johannes´ home appliances are connected — ranging from his refrigerator to his fully automatic coffeemaker, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. See what his typical day looks like.

Digital Media Women

Anna-Maria, who heads a Social Media monitoring team in the department of Global Digital Transition, talks about the cooperation with "Digital Media Women".