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At BSH, you will find the right job.

Tomorrow is our home.

BSH offers a global network of exceptional people and strong brands. As a leading manufacturer of home appliances and solutions, we move things forward to make people’s lives easier. Everyone’s focus here at BSH is on innovation, which is why we offer fascinating job opportunities for those who want to make a difference. Our employees develop constantly by learning from and inspiring one another.

Let us be excellent – together.

The digital revolution has only just begun, and we are more than ready for it. We shape the future by utilizing innovative technologies to create new user experiences. Tomorrow is our home. Make it yours, too, and join our team! Get to know your future colleagues and read what they love about their job!

Looking to the future – what we offer.

Shaping the digital future and developing products and solutions perfectly tailored to the consumer – every single employee at BSH plays an important part in achieving that goal.

TALENTIFY is BSH’s development program that gives employees with passion and purpose the opportunity to self-responsibly drive their personal and professional development – supported by HR. The program addresses at BSH employees who are highly motivated to contribute to BSH success as well as to drive change in their area of responsibility. TALENTIFY allows its members to connect and exchange with talented employees from all over the world.

Self-responsibility is key of the program that enables BSH’s talent to proof and further develop their potential.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)TALENTIFY allows its members to experience the important strategic BSH topics and to become multipliers for an agile mindset. Herewith the program supports BSH’s cultural development towards a more agile organization.

We created

... to bring those in the driver seat for talent development that are most affected by it: our talent.

Because of that we give employees with passion and potential the opportunity to self-responsibly drive their personal development, connect with other talented employees and experience the important strategic topics, which will shape the future of BSH.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)We support continuous learning for all of our employees worldwide. It enables us to meet the strategic and operational challenges of the future. Our BSH Academy offers programs and training qualification tailored to specific target groups. Digital learning formats make it easy for you to integrate these into your work schedule.

BSH is a unique home for a large number of strong brands known for quality and reliability. This enables us to serve consumers with the most varied demands regarding home appliances. Our employees can switch between divisions in the course of their career at BSH and expand their knowledge on markets and consumers in the different brand worlds, making use of new development opportunities.

BSH Brand Portfolio
Top Employer 2020

Everyone loves to win an award.

And we are no different. It is even more pleasing to have been certified as "Top Employer" in multiple countries (China, France, Spain, United Kingdom and USA).

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)In our latest employee survey, nearly 90 percent of our employees said they are highly engaged with BSH. This makes us very proud!

Exciting challenges – worldwide.

From Sweden to South Africa, from China to the United States, BSH is represented in around 50 countries around the globe. We support worldwide knowledge exchange between our employees through international support programs as well as a BSH-wide network.

Furthermore, we offer excellent career prospects to employees who are ready for a change. We provide extensive support for employees who move abroad. This also includes partners of expatriates who accompany them. We assist in looking for employment, professional development or social integration.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting international challenges BSH offers you, please visit our world map.

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