Innovation Spotlights.

PC老群,(QQPC28老群)When it comes to both the scope and strategic focus of our innovations variety is key. We reinforce our claim to be the driving force and the innovation leader in the home appliances industry with our consumer-centric concepts as well as with products and services: Innovations from sensor technology applications at product level, included in the connected, multifunctional kitchen machine Cookit for example, and world firsts like X-Spect – a smart scanner that allows consumers to check invisible information from surfaces, goods or materials –, continue to proof BSH's innovation leadership.

Cookit – the first connected multifunctional kitchen machine for real cooking from BSH.

The Cookit, the multifunctional kitchen machine with cooking function that Bosch presented at IFA 2019, offers a simple and time-saving solution for fresh home cooking with three cooking modes: Consumers can choose from a variety of pre-installed "guided cooking" recipes with simple step-by-step instructions or they can rely on the support of multiple automatic programs and temperature precision up to 200°C. From gently fermented yogurt to sous-vide cooked salmon fillet to juicy fillet steak, there is something for everyone. For the greatest possible joy of experimentation, the Cookit also provides a manual cooking mode.

X-Spect – an innovative scanner that opens consumer eyes.

At IFA 2017, we presented the X-Spect concept to the world for the first time, and in 2019 we launched this digital innovation at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) in Shanghai. This lightweight scanner has been designed to make household decisions easier than they’ve ever been before – like choosing the right setting on the washing machine, especially for delicate fabrics. Use the stylish wireless device to scan your textiles and it will communicate instructions to your washing machine, to ensure that they are washed at the optimal settings. The secret behind X-Spect is its cutting edge sensor technology that determines which fabrics you are washing, and how best to get rid of any stains.

Oven door opening on command.

automatic oven door
Fingers covered in dough and the heavy baking tray in both hands – how great it would be if the oven door simply opened on command. At IFA 2019 Siemens Home Appliances presented an oven that makes this wish come true. Consumers can open the oven door with the help of voice control and without having to lift a single finger.

High-performance sensors enhanced by artificial intelligence.

High-performance sensors
Artificial intelligence makes new household consumer experiences possible: Bosch’s sensor supported Series 8 oven with Home Connect and artificial intelligence can predict when individual baked goods or roasts are fully done. Supported by its PerfectBake and PerfectRoast sensors the connected oven learns through every baking and roasting process with artificial intelligence. Thus, it becomes smarter about when exactly individual food items are finished.

First height-adjustable ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan
The varioLift ceiling fan from Siemens Home Appliances combines attractive design and fascinating performance. Designed for use in recirculating mode, the appliance is raised and lowered on four steel cables via remote control. Users can rely on the varioLift to deliver the right power level. Its air quality sensor permanently measures the amount of steam uand odors developing above the cooktop and adjusts the power level precisely.

Modern Chulha – BSH improves the cooking experience without electricity.

Modern Chulha
People in India who can’t afford gas or electricity usually use three stone fires for cooking. These fires are very inefficient and unhealthy as they create lots of smoke. In 2019, BSH launched a new emerging markets product under the Bosch brand in India – Bosch Modern Chulha. The wood stove aims to improve the cooking experience for consumers: The innovative product creates much less smoke, uses less wood, and cooks faster than comparable products in the market. It also offers another major benefit: an affordable price that caters to the needs of 95 million rural households.

Cooking without limits thanks to full surface induction.

Our exceptional induction technology delivers maximum flexibility: Up to six pots and pans of every shape and size can be heated up simultaneously on the cooking surface – anywhere and everywhere on the cooktop. The technological key lies underneath the surface: This is where 56 powerful mini inductors automatically detect the position and shape of the cookware, evenly and precisely heating even the largest roasting pan. If no cookware is standing on the induction cooktop, the cooking zone stays cold. The full surface induction is also smart thanks to its user interface: The full-color, full-touch large TFT display automatically follows every movement and adapts dynamically. It immediately registers when a pot is moved to a different position and adjusts all settings automatically. With Home Connect and HoodControl functionality as well as cookingSensor, there is no limit for the best cooking experience.

i-DOS – BSH’s automatic dispensing system for detergent.

Do you really know how much detergent to use for different loads of laundry in your washing machine? No? Don’t worry – our washing machines with i-DOS take care of this task: The dispensing chambers of the machine are filled with liquid detergent, lasting for an average of 20 washes. Once you place laundry in the machine, sensors read all the relevant information: How much laundry is in the washing machine and how soiled is it? And, most importantly, what types of fabric does the load contain? The sensors even take account of the hardness of the water. i-DOS uses this information to automatically determine how much detergent is needed and forwards the result to the precision dosing pumps, which add the right amount down to the exact milliliter.

Zeolith drying technology – for bone-dry dishes.

Zeolith silicate emits heat when it comes into contact with water. Due to its porous structure, zeolith also has a very large surface area that enables it to absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water. We have been exploiting these properties for our dishwashers since 2008: After the final rinse step of a wash cycle is completed, a fan blows humid air from the interior through a zeolith-filled steel tub at the bottom of the dishwasher. The airborne water collects on the surface of the granules, leaving behind hot and dry air, which is channeled back into the interior so that it can absorb more water. The dishes are thus dried without being heated up further with hot water. Zeolith technology not only drastically cuts electricity consumption but also ensures that the dishes are bone dry after each wash cycle.

Abundant space for a conscious lifestyle.

Bosch has developed fridge-freezer combinations that support a conscious and sustainable lifestyle: The appliances boast extra-spacious dimensions, flexible interiors, a wide variety of convenience features and a freshness system that keeps delicate foods fresher for much longer. The top appliances in the XXL range include the 70-cm-wide and 80-cm-deep KGF56PI40 fridge-freezer with VitaFresh Pro, as well as the largest Bosch appliance currently available – the 86-m-wide and 81-cm-deep KGN86AI4P with VitaFresh Plus.
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